20 (Hell)

“You had to watch out for the nights.” John’s voice, although quieter, has returned. “Back when we were young and dumb, we weren’t as careful as we’d become. Men in sleeping bags, unaware of the Chinese, had their throats cut. The wounds on some were so deep, I wasn’t sure if they still had heads.” … Continue reading 20 (Hell)


19 (Oranges)

There was one remaining orange in the breakfast basket. It was untouched because it’s John’s. If anyone else is aware of his absence, they say nothing. The woman with the lavender nightgown wouldn’t even look at it. John stays quiet on the other side of the wall. The only thing I’ve heard in days is … Continue reading 19 (Oranges)

18 (Rejecting)

Sue is not visiting this week. She says I should ‘take advantage’ of all Golden Meadows has to offer. She means the water color classes and the poetry readings. I don’t write poetry and I don’t paint. I’d rather listen to John in the evenings. I’m starting to feel like part of those dysfunctional couples … Continue reading 18 (Rejecting)

16 (Happiness Is What You Can Live Without)

I hate August. Not only because I can’t stop the oppression no matter how loud the air conditioning runs, but because it smells like August. It smells like all of the birthdays my youngest child celebrated. Like carefully crafted fruit tarts with pink candles stuck in the center. Like all the dime store cinnamon lotions … Continue reading 16 (Happiness Is What You Can Live Without)