14 (Oliver)

“Tell me about Oliver.”  I don’t have to talk into the vent loudly for John to hear me. I can hear him perfectly clear. He moves around, pacing in what must be a small section of the room. When he thinks, he stops. His feet are only a distraction. “He used to write letters to … Continue reading 14 (Oliver)

13 (The Best)

John is completely clear headed in the morning. I don’t even think he knows what he says at night. I look for hints of his younger self in the way he stands, but I find little. If he is curious in anything these days, it’s just the buffer of a newspaper describing far away places. … Continue reading 13 (The Best)

11 (is war justifiable?)

“Is it just as victorious to prevent something bad from happening as it is to accumulate something good?” I’ve gotten used to John’s voice through the vent. During the day, I find myself eying him, wondering what he was like in his twenties. In fact, I think about him so much that I’ve neglected to … Continue reading 11 (is war justifiable?)

8 (Are you there?)

“Are you there?” The words were louder, but not as repetitive. At first I wasn’t sure if the taps were correct. Or maybe my interpretation of Morse code was wrong. “Are you there” can mean so many different things even when the literal interpretation is right. ‘There’ is automatically hazy. How could anybody be ‘there’ … Continue reading 8 (Are you there?)