24 (The Staring)

John tells me there are certain people that are more animal than man. In most situations, he says, you’d never know the difference. “Perhaps they’re a little too much. The signs seem insignificant though and in this culture, we often prize the ruthless. It starts off with competition. You watch, he’ll get carried away. He … Continue reading 24 (The Staring)

23 (hazy)

In the morning, I wake up disoriented, but I don't tell anyone. I don't voice my concerns about any type of problem with my body or mind. It's a temporary privilege to believe that showing weakness won't harm you. In this day in age, children are encouraged to share everything. Feelings, sadness, every bump and … Continue reading 23 (hazy)

18 (Rejecting)

Sue is not visiting this week. She says I should ‘take advantage’ of all Golden Meadows has to offer. She means the water color classes and the poetry readings. I don’t write poetry and I don’t paint. I’d rather listen to John in the evenings. I’m starting to feel like part of those dysfunctional couples … Continue reading 18 (Rejecting)